Regional Programming

Bedtime Stories

As part of Jack and Jill’s Cultural Heritage programming thrust, the Bedtime Stories series was introduced to support our commitment to Early Childhood Literacy. The stories are read online in a webinar forum by African American authors for an intended audience of pre-kindergarten through third-grade children. Through this initiative we hope to engage children, promote self-esteem, support the development of their language and reading skills and simply be FUN!

The format allows for children to ask the authors questions about the stories and interact on a national level. Jack and Jill currently partners with several other organizations in presenting the stories, and we work closely with local children’s community centers to distribute the titles in an effort to promote literacy in ALL communities.

At the 2016 National Convention in Palm Desert, CA, Jack and Jill unveiled “The Super Chronicles” by the children of Jack and Jill of America. This special edition book is a collection of stories and illustrations from our youth nation-wide.

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Rebuild America: The Houses that Jack and Jill Built

The Mission Continues

In 2008, Jack and Jill of America, Inc. and Jack and Jill of America Foundation partnered with Habitat for Humanity to engage in a special community service project – Rebuild America. The goal of this fundraising and construction campaign with our community partners is to provide refurbished and/or newly-constructed homes for economically-disadvantaged families. Since the inception of Rebuild America, Jack and Jill members have committed thousands of hours and dedicated funds to meet the goal of building 7 homes across the country – one in each of Jack and Jill’s regions. Through the generous financial and hands-on support of you, the Jack and Jill membership, five homes have been completed:

  • 2010 – Chicago, IL (Mid-Western Region)
  • 2011 – New Orleans, LA (South Central Region)
  • 2012 – Philadelphia, PA (Eastern Region)
  • 2014 – Wilmington, NC (Mid-Atlantic Region)
  • 2016 – Riverside, CA (Far West Region)

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