Community Service

March of Dimes Walk















Grade Group I - Loose Change for Education

This age group will collect change throughout the year.  They will learn that a little bit of money saved for adds up.  They will also learn that giving to others that are less fortunate is rewarding.

Grade Groups II – IV Food Pantry Collection

These age groups will collect items to donate to the food pantry to be donated three times per year to a community food pantry.  The food pantry has asked us to focus our donations on baby care needs such as diapers, formula, and baby food.  The children learn the rewarding feeling of giving back from an early age.

Grade Group V (TEENS)

Equinox Thanksgiving Celebration 

The teens will participate in two community service projects.  They will participate in the food preparation process for the Thanksgiving dinner provided to 100’s of families in need in the Greater Albany, NY area.

Underground Railroad

The teens participate in with the Underground Railroad Project in Albany, NY.    They work with the project coordinators to assist with the planning and implementation of this yearly event.  They assist younger children with various educational activities.

GRAL Mothers –

St. Sophia’s Simple Day of Giving

The mothers of Greater Albany Chapter of Jack and Jill participate in this yearly activity that enables people from all around the Capital region an opportunity to give back to others who are less fortunate.  As a chapter, we prepare soup packets made up of various beans and select dried seasons.  We place ingredients in decorative bags along with a recipe card.  These soup packages are sent out to food pantries during the holiday season.

Donation to Worthy Families

The mothers of Greater Albany Chapter of Jack and Jill several purchased household items to help a single mother and her son with the basic necessities as she moved into an apartment after living in a homeless shelter.  The children’s and teens that helped bring the items into the apartment got a firsthand understanding of how good it feels to give to others.  The mother who moved into her apartment that morning, was truly grateful for the much needed items.